Official launch

The Banyule Ageing Well Framework 2024-2030 was launched by Mayor Tom Melican at our Annual Active April Walkathon on Tuesday 23 April at Willinda Park.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the draft Older Adults Framework. The final document was adopted (with amendments) by Council on Monday 26 February 2024.

Amendments made to the Framework, include:

  • The Framework has been re-titled “Ageing Well in Banyule Framework 2024-2030” to align with the State Government Action Plan 2022 - 2026.
  • The section titled “How we will measure success” in the draft Framework was further developed and expanded to include additional indicators and targets.
  • The infographic (page 9) representing intersectionality was replaced with text to explain the concept, with concrete examples provided.
  • The reference to gender bias and racism was strengthened in Commitment 1, Goal 4 “Enhance the protective factors within communities to safeguard against elder abuse’.
  • The reference to inter-generational and multicultural activities and events was strengthened in Commitment 1, Goal 3 “Broker opportunities for more inter-generational activities” and Commitment 2, Goal 5 “Increase participation of older adults regardless of their background or identity in social activities in Banyule”.
  • A suggestion to improve community facilities and street furniture to better meet the needs of older adults. This is addressed in Commitment 3, Goal 6 “Improve outdoor and public spaces to make them more accessible and amenable for older adults. This includes the installation of street furniture, access to public toilets and street lighting.” This has also been included in table 1: Indicators from existing data sets.
  • Additional health related goals in Commitment 3
    • Enable access to affordable activities such as health education and exercise to support older adults to optimise their health and wellbeing.
    • Promote and encourage older adults to continue life-long learning which supports brain functioning, mental wellbeing and social connections” were added as goals.
  • An explanation of ageism was added to the section ‘Why this Framework is Important” (page 7).
To view the minutes from 26 February Council Meeting, go to Council's website and refer to Item 4.2 in the minutes.

What you told us

Community engagement 2023

From July to August 2023, 388 people participated in the community engagement process, with 53 people attending a community focus group, 201 people attending a meeting with their community group and 134 people completing an online or hardcopy survey

Your feedback was themed under the eight World Health Organisation Age Friendly Cities Framework Key Domains.
Take a look below at a summary of what we heard.

  • Domain 1 -
    Community health and support

    • More access to local aged care services
    • Increased support for carers
    • More affordable health services
  • Domain 2 -
    Outdoor space and building

    • More access to public toilets
    • More public lighting and seating in spaces
    • More access to affordable community facilities
    • Increased safety for pedestrians on footpaths
  • Domain 3 -

    • The importance of ageing in place
    • More affordable, subsidised housing and support to downsizing
    • Increased access to local housing options
    • The addition of Council rates assistance
  • Domain 4 -
    Social participation

    • More activities for social connection
    • Additional support for seniors clubs and multicultural groups
  • Domain 5 - Transportation

    • Improved transport options
    • Extended community bus service
    • Improved road safety
    • More senior and disability parking near community and health centres and shopping precincts
  • Domain 6 -
    Respect and social inclusion

    • Reduce ageist attitudes
    • Create more opportunities for older people
    • Address social isolation
    • Need for more inter-generational connections
  • Domain 7 -
    Civic participation and employment

    • Increased volunteer opportunities
    • More employment opportunities
    • Inclusion in community-based committees and future planning
  • Domain 8 -
    Communication and information

    • More accessible information on services and programs
    • Increased visibility of older people in Council publications
    • Clearer wayfinding signage
    • Increased awareness of elder abuse


Ageing in Banyule

In November 2014, Banyule City Council became a member of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities. As a member, we are committed to enhancing the wellbeing and quality of life of older adults.

The WHO Age-Friendly Cities Framework Guide proposes eight interconnected domains to help identify and address barriers to the well-being and participation of older people. These domains overlap and interact with each other.

  1. Community and Healthcare
  2. Transportation
  3. Housing
  4. Social Participation
  5. Outdoor Space and Buildings
  6. Respect and Social Inclusion
  7. Civic Participation and Employment
  8. Communication and Information.

The Ageing in Banyule Framework 2030 outlines Council’s vision to build on our Age-Friendly City for older adults to work, live, play and be valued. It includes our commitments and goals for ensuring that we continue to take meaningful steps to improve the liveability of Banyule for older people. It is underpinned by the eight World Health Organisation (WHO) Age-Friendly City domains and has been guided by the voices of older adults in our community through consultation with Banyule's Age-Friendly Population Committee, Age-Friendly Champions and a range of community engagement activities.

Past achievements

What we've done in the past

Despite the challenges faced by Covid19, Council was committed to advancing Banyule as an Age-Friendly City.

A review of the Older Adults Strategic Plan 2017-2021 showed that during this time, we achieved many positive outcomes for older adults through the provision of age-friendly programs and services. These included:

  • Older Adults Recreation Program - provided a range of health, fitness and social connection opportunities, including installing the Seniors Exercise Park in Ivanhoe.
  • Seniors Festival - we acknowledged and celebrated older adults in Banyule with a variety of events.
  • Banyule Age in Focus Newsletter - promoted local services, programs and support to older adults throughout the lockdowns.
  • Rainbow Tick Accreditation - awarded to Age Care Services to ensure inclusive and safe services for the LGBTIQA+ community.
  • Age-Friendly Population Committee (formerly the Banyule Age-Friendly Advisory Committee) - provided advice to Council on its plans, strategies, policies, projects and services related to older adults.

View the Banyule Older Adults Achievements Report