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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what is needed to age well in Banyule and how our community can become more age friendly. Feedback is now closed.

Older Adults Framework 2030

The percentage of people aged 60 years and over in Banyule is 24.7%, which is higher than Greater Melbourne at 20.1%.

As an ageing population, Banyule City Council is committed to influencing and delivering age-friendly initiatives that result in positive health and quality of life outcomes for older adults.


There were three ways you could get involved during the planned four week consultation period in July and August 2023

  • An online survey - feedback is now closed.
  • Focus Groups - The community were invited to attend workshops to discuss what is needed to age well in Banyule.
  • Meetings with your groups - Council staff visited groups and spoke to them about Ageing in Banyule.

Project context

Ageing in Banyule

In November 2014, Banyule City Council became a member of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities. As a member, we are committed to enhancing the wellbeing and quality of life of older adults.

The WHO Age-Friendly Cities Framework Guide proposes eight interconnected domains to help identify and address barriers to the well-being and participation of older people. These domains overlap and interact with each other.

  1. Community and Healthcare
  2. Transportation
  3. Housing
  4. Social Participation
  5. Outdoor Space and Buildings
  6. Respect and Social Inclusion
  7. Civic Participation and Employment
  8. Communication and Information.

The development of Banyule's Older Adults Framework 2030 is underway and will outline Council’s vision for the future to ensure Banyule is an Age-Friendly City for older adults to work, live, play and be valued in their community.

The Framework will be underpinned by the WHO eight Age-Friendly City domains and guided by the voices of older adults in our community. This will be achieved through consultation with Banyule's Age-Friendly Population Committee, Age-Friendly Champions and a range of community engagement activities.


Past achievements

Despite the challenges faced by Covid19, Council was committed to advancing Banyule as an Age-Friendly City.

A review of the Older Adults Strategic Plan 2017-2021 showed that during this time, we achieved many positive outcomes for older adults through the provision of age-friendly programs and services. These included:

  • Older Adults Recreation Program - provided a range of health, fitness and social connection opportunities, including installing the Seniors Exercise Park in Ivanhoe.
  • Seniors Festival - we acknowledged and celebrated older adults in Banyule with a variety of events.
  • Banyule Age in Focus Newsletter - promoted local services, programs and support to older adults throughout the lockdowns.
  • Rainbow Tick Accreditation - awarded to Age Care Services to ensure inclusive and safe services for the LGBTIQA+ community.
  • Age-Friendly Population Committee (formerly the Banyule Age-Friendly Advisory Committee) - provided advice to Council on its plans, strategies, policies, projects and services related to older adults.

View the Banyule Older Adults Achievements Report