Project update

Thank you for your feedback on the proposed intergenerational playspace design. Feedback is now closed.

We consulted with the community and received feedback from 31 community members through an online survey and emails directly to the Open Space Planning Team. Over 548 people viewed the project on Shaping Banyule during the consultation period.

Some key points from the consultation include:

  • There was a a lot of support for the path improvements and the look and feel of the upgrades including timber elements used in the playground
  • A drink bottle refill will be included on the new drinking fountains
  • A couple of people asked for more activities to cater for older children/youth and suggested a basketball half court could be a good addition to the park. Unfortunately the budget does not allow for this addition but we will continue to look at options for youth activities for the park in the future
  • A few community members requested not to add vegetation to the lawn embankment surrounding the lawn bowls club. We are aware that local children enjoy sliding down the grass hill, however the maintenance and safety risks of this area need to be addressed. The new playground will feature an embankment slide for the community to use.

We look forward to delivering the upgrade for the local community.

Construction is scheduled to start early - mid 2023.


In 2015 we commissioned a study for a Master Plan to guide the future development of Petrie Park and Rattray Reserve, Montmorency (our funding agreement is for delivering actions for Petrie Park only).

We undertook extensive consultation with Petrie Park user groups, the community and Council officers. Household surveys, stakeholder interviews, reference group workshops with external stakeholders and three community drop-in events were conducted to ensure the Master Plan reflected the community’s needs.

The Master Plan responds to community feedback, considers site challenges and identifies opportunities to improve the park.

This project will focus on delivering a number of actions relating to playground, pathways, access, vegetation, fencing and infrastructure, as outlined in the Master Plan. No actions relating to the existing buildings will be delivered as part of this project.

Petrie Park Master Plan

It's time to implement the Petrie Park Master Plan that was developed with community in 2016.

Funded in partnership with Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) we will be delivering a number of actions from the Masterplan to improve the park.

Scope of works include:

  • Upgrading the path network
  • A new intergenerational playground
  • More greenery and tree plantings

The delivery does not include all of the actions from the masterplan. No works will occur to existing buildings.

Some key features that we will be delivering are:

  • Widen footpath along Mountain View Road
  • Remove blue stone brick wall at park entry and replace with garden bed and interpretive signage about Petrie Park
  • Remove amphitheater and extend playground space
  • Install a new 1.8m wide concrete pathways to replace asphalt pathways
  • Tree and shrub planting to fence line. Including Sweet Bursaria for Eltham Copper Butterfly habitat
  • New intergenerational playspace
  • Vegetation buffer to be planted between the road and playground
  • Remove dog waste bin and add new bin next to pavilion
  • New seating
  • Grass embankment near lawn bowls club to be mulched and planted with indigenous species
  • Replace fencing around the oval
  • Replace goal posts
  • Make car parking next to playground more accessible. Convert into two disabled parking bays
  • Install new pedestrian crossing to improve road crossing safety
  • Remove weed tree species and replace with suitable species