About Were Street

Were Street, Montmorency is a small neighbourhood activity centre running the length of Were Street, with a small number of shops located just off the main street. Were Street is a popular strip with a mix of retail, restaurants/cafes and services dotted by green space and gum trees, all of which combine to give Were Street a lot of charm and character. Adding to the popularity, Were Street hosts many events throughout the year including the QWere Street festival, food shares, live music and children's events, making Were Street a key point for community connection.

About the project

To ensure Were Street remains a popular, accessible, safe, flexible and sustainable neighbourhood activity centre we are planning to upgrade its streetscape and we want your input.

The streetscape upgrade will include:

  • roadworks
  • footpaths
  • street furniture
  • trees
  • open space
  • public toilets

There are two key stages of the streetscape upgrade project for community input:

Stage One - Pre concept design phase

Tell us how you use Were Street, Montmorency, what you love, value about it and how we can improve the streetscape.

Stage Two - Post concept design phase

We will use your feedback to developed draft concept designs. We will then ask for feedback on the draft concept design with future streetscape upgrade construction taking place in 2021.

This project aligns with our Council Plan (2017-2021) objective 'Place’, ensuring we continue to provide you with great places and spaces.

Get involved

Let us know how and why you visit Were Street, Montmorency, what you love, value about it, what you think we need to protect and enhance in the area. Tell us how you want Were Street to look, feel and function in the future.

Have your say until 28 February 2020. Your feedback and ideas will help develop the draft Were Street streetscape concept designs. These designs will be available for community feedback later this year. We thank you in advance for your participation.

Have your say

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Consider pedestrian crossings, accessible parking, tactiles, wheelchairs, prams, pushers, walkers, assistance animals’ access.

What 5 elements do you believe need improvement in Were Street?

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