Waste Management Survey 2023

Is reducing waste and increasing recycling important to you?

Did you know that Australians produce an average of 540kg of waste per person each year, which is the weight of a full-grown horse, a grand piano or a baby grey whale?! That’s a lot of waste!

Waste management affects us all. With the world's population and consumption growing rapidly, waste generation is also increasing at an alarming pace. The result is overflowing landfills, polluted rivers and oceans, and a severe impact on our environment.

Proper waste management is crucial to prevent pollution, conserve natural resources, and reduce the negative impacts of waste. It involves making good decisions to avoid making waste and reducing, reusing, recycling, and disposing of waste in a safe and sustainable manner.

Our Towards Zero Waste Management Plan guides how we manage waste in Banyule. Your voice is important to help us get this right!

This is your opportunity to tell us what’s important to you when it comes to waste, where you need additional support, and what you think of our current services. This important feedback will inform the roadmap for the next four years.