Help shape the Urban Forest Strategy

Help us build a strong and resilient Urban Forest Strategy.

There are 2 ways to get involved now to shape the draft principles:

  • Drop a marker and leave your comments on the social map; and
  • Complete the online survey on the draft principles.

Consultation is now happening. Have your say until 4 February 2022.

Your feedback will build on the extensive community engagement carried out to develop the Council Plan and the Banyule Community Vision 2041. This vision described the community’s desire to have a stronger focus on trees and Banyule's Urban Forest.

The initial consultation with the Community Reference Group and internal stakeholders has resulted in the development of a framework and draft principles.

Background and our approach

Banyule City Council recognises the importance of green landscapes and the contribution they make to building a municipality as a preferred place to live, work and visit. Council is also committed to protecting, enhancing and managing our urban forest into the future.

Community expectations on environmental issues have also changed and a revision of the Urban Forest Strategic Plan (2015) is required to provide further direction on private and public land. The actions we put into place now will benefit our future environment and community.

In 2021, a street tree audit was conducted and registered approximately 70,000 existing street trees, their condition, life expectancy, and height. Preliminary analysis of the data indicates that there is potential to plant around 13,500 trees in road reserves across Banyule.

The Urban Forest Strategy will allow us to plan, manage and maintain one of Banyule’s highest valued assets - its urban forest - for the next 10 years. It will help facilitate the expansion of the urban forest and strengthen the benefits that our population of trees and plants provides.

The Strategy will also guide our Tree Planting Program, Street Tree Renewal Program and overall tree management in Banyule. It will also allow for further analysis to address future outcomes and actions.

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Banyule Urban Forest Strategy - Survey