Banyule City Council recognise the importance of green landscapes and how they contribute to building a municipality as a place to live, work and visit; and are committed to protecting, enhancing and managing our urban forest well into the future. The local community have clearly demonstrated that they value Banyule’s street and park trees and wish to ensure the longevity, health and protection of their shared green spaces.

The actions we put into place now will emerge in time, to benefit our future community.

Our Council Plan identifies the need to protect, retain and manage trees. These needs are also reflected in Council’s Environmental Sustainability Policy and Strategy, and Neighbourhood Character Strategy. A key initiative of the City Plan is the need to develop an Urban Forest Strategic Plan and supporting urban forest policies.

The development of this strategic plan will provide the foundation to ensure council effectively plan, manage and maintain one of Banyule’s highest valued assets - its urban forest - for the next 10 years.

The process of reviewing our Urban Forest Strategy will aim to facilitate the expansion of the urban forest and enhance the benefits that our population of trees provides, whilst ensuring sustainable management.

Your feedback on the Urban Forest Strategy project will build on the extensive community engagement that was carried out to develop the Council Plan and the Banyule Community Vision 2041. This vision described the community’s desire to have a stronger focus on trees and the Banyule Urban Forest.

Our approach

Community expectations on environmental issues has grown, and how we manage Banyule’s urban forest has changed. A revision of the Urban Forest Strategic Plan (2015) is required with further direction in both the private and public realm.

In 2021, a street tree audit was conducted and registered approximately 70,000 existing street trees, their condition, life expectancy, and height. Preliminary analysis of the data indicates that there is potential to plant around 13,500 trees in road reserves across Banyule.

The Urban Forest Strategy will guide our Tree Planting Program, Street Tree Renewal Program and overall tree management in Banyule and will allow for further analysis to address future outcomes and actions.

Get involved

Help shape the new Urban Forest Strategy. There are many ways to get involved. Join the Community Reference Group and /or participate in our community consultation in November 2021.

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Apply for the Community Reference Group

The Community Reference Group will have the opportunity to provide input into the draft strategy through planned meetings that will be held over the next 12 months.

The Community Reference Group will include a broad cross section of the community as follows.

Membership categories include:

  • Local Environment Groups 
  • Local Heritage Groups 
  • Traders, businesses and retail associations 
  • Wider Banyule community
  • Local transport Groups

The Community Reference Group will be chaired by a Banyule councillor and all councillors will be invited as observers to all meetings.

Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Community Reference Group is open until 20 September 2021.