Project overview

The Creative Banyule 2030 Strategy seeks to harness community energy and set a creative and cultural vision for Banyule that will guide us into the next decade. It takes a whole-of-community approach to ensure that arts and culture at Banyule reflects our collective vision.

We want the Strategy to be something to be proud of and for Banyule to be a creative place for artists, the community and visitors alike.

It will set a new vision, a direction for Council and an action plan to help us achieve the vision.

Status update

The first round of community engagement is closed. Thank you for your participation!

Council officers are now analysing feedback received from the Community Survey and during the Community Workshops to draft the Creative Banyule 2030 Strategy.

A summary of what we heard during this first stage of engagement and the draft Strategy will be available for your review in May 2023.

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Arts and culture have grown at Banyule over recent years with the launch of the Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub, increased interest in public art, and the community telling us about the importance of art and culture during development of our Community Vision 2041 and Council Plan.

As we develop the Creative Banyule 2030 Strategy, we will consider and build on the previous Arts and Culture Strategic Plan 2017-2021 and the current Public Art Policy.

Creative Banyule 2030 is a commitment by Council to re-imagine Banyule's vision for creative, cultural and artistic life.

Engagement and research

We have completed a literature review to understand the national, state and local policy contexts that relate to Creative Banyule 2030, and will use this review to make sure that the Strategy is relevant and meets the need of our diverse community.

Following consultation with our Arts and Culture Advisory Committee, areas considered during the review included:

  • First Nations including treaty, cultural heritage and intellectual property
  • Creativity and Culture including arts, culture, creative industries, digital culture, participation and cultural policy drivers
  • Social Innovation, Diversity and Equity including cultural and human rights, equality, disability, LGBTIQA+ and young people
  • Placemaking and Cultural Infrastructure including libraries, performing arts, galleries and public engagement with place.

A Summary Report and Literature Review are available for your consideration.

Engagement with Banyule's community is also integral to the Strategy's development and will support us to explore trends and opportunities to develop an action plan that is relevant to the community.