New Plan

Our new Arts & Culture Strategic Plan

We are thrilled to present our Draft Plan that sets out our plan to support arts and culture in Banyule.

Banyule has a rich cultural heritage that we are so proud of and the purpose of our Plan is to;

  • Assert Banyule Council’s commitment to the contribution the arts make to a dynamic, healthy and sustainable society.
  • Express the essential role of cultural vitality in planning for Banyule’s future.
  • Highlight and celebrate the Banyule community’s arts and cultural strengths and assets.
  • Inspire and motivate Banyule’s people and organisations to build on these strengths and assets to increase the resilience, wellbeing and cultural vitality of the community.
  • Create and communicate a framework which drives Banyule’s arts and cultural program towards delivering cultural outcomes.
  • Make explicit the relationship between delivering cultural outcomes and the vision of the Council Plan.

Read the full Plan here or view our first year action plan here.

Important Stuff - Goals & Themes

Our Plan is based around two simple but really important goals and four strategic themes.

  • Goal One – People are engaged in meaningful and culturally vital lives
  • Goal Two – A connected, inclusive and involved community

Strategic Themes


The Draft Plan lays out more detail about these goals and themes and shows how we will work towards improving arts and cultural outcomes over the next four years.

Feedback is now closed

Thank you for providing your feedback on the draft plan - we really appreciate it.

Feedback is now closed and we are preparing to brief Councillors on the comments received in November.

We plan to update the plan and present it to Council on the December 11 Council meeting seeking endorsement.



Your feedback!

Throughout March and April we spoke with a range of people about their ideas for arts and cultural opportunities in Banyule.

Some of the ways we engaged with people included;

  • Conversations at our Twilight Sounds / Kids Arty Farty Fest events
  • 4 Community Forums as part of developing the new Council Plan
  • Regular Meetings wth our Arts and Cultural Advisory Group
  • Meetings with local community groups organisations representing different communities
  • Promotion of our online survey at pop up events across Banyule

How many people did we hear from?

During the first stage of our consultation:

  • 81 survey responses
  • 19 online comments (not counting reactions to comments)
  • 90 people across 4 community forums
  • Plus numerous conversations at workshops and pop ups

We then ran 3 issues and opportunities workshops with local artists and organisations working in the arts:

  • We had 46 attendees come to our Arts Plan Summit and
  • 6 attendees from our Neighbourhood Houses & Libraries

What we heard...

The key themes to emerge from our engagement were;

  • Facilities - lack of affordable spaces i.e. studio space, rehearsal space,
  • Communication and Marketing - awareness of Council and community arts and cultural program/events.
  • Support creative practice - professional development, funding and grants
  • Participation and Partnerships - increased cultural outcomes through providing networking opportunities, program delivery through partners

Prize draw winner

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the development of the arts plan to date including all who participated in our survey over the festival weekend (18-19 March).

Congratulations Jennie from Viewbank! You have been randomly selected to win a $100 Coles Group & Myer Gift Card for having your say and completing the survey during the festival weekend!

Also for each week in April we randomly gave away a $50 voucher for contributing to the development of our arts plan. If you completed the survey during April, and provided your name, phone and email and you were considered for the prize draw.