Our Current Plan

Have a look at the current Domestic Animal Management (DAM) Plan 2017 - 2021 which was adopted by Council on 16 October 2017.

About the DAM Plan

The Domestic Animal Management (DAM) Plan 2017-2021 has has been developed in accordance and as a requirement under section 68A of the Domestic Animal Act 1994. The purpose of the Plan is to detail the arrangements that Council has to help manage domestic animals and work towards improved animal management in Banyule.

The aim of the Plan is to:

  • Support and facilitate the benefits that animal ownership and companionship has on the health and wellbeing of residents.
  • Educate residents about accepted standards of animal welfare, including the care, feeding and physical wellbeing of domestic animals.
  • Manage nuisance complaints about animals, which are impacting on other residents.
  • Ensure that the keeping of domestic animals does not compromise accepted standards of public health or safety.

Main Objectives

Read a summary of the key objectives and proposed actions.

The main objectives of this plan are:

  1. to promote and encourage the responsible ownership of dogs and cats; and
  2. to ensure that people comply with this Act, the regulations and any related legislation; and
  3. to minimise the risk of attacks by dogs on people and animals; and
  4. to address any over-population and high euthanasia rates for dogs and cats; and
  5. to encourage the registration and identification of dogs and cats; and
  6. to minimise the potential for dogs and cats to create a nuisance; and
  7. to effectively identify all dangerous dogs, menacing dogs and restricted breed dogs in that district and to ensure that those dogs are kept in compliance with the Act and the Regulations