Our new Plan

We are thrilled to present our Disability Plan 2017-2021. Together with the Banyule Disability and Inclusion Advisory Committee, we have developed this plan which is part of our commitment to servicing the needs of our increasingly diverse population. We believe in diversity and the rights of all people to be free from discrimination and have opportunities to take part in community life.

The Disability Plan 2017-2021 was adopted by Council on 4 June 2018.

Why we create a Plan?

For many years various kinds of barriers, such as negative attitudes and inaccessible buildings, prevented people with disabilities from being able to actively participate in the community. Council recognises that these barriers must be addressed, the Disability Plan spells out the way in which Council identifies these barriers, take steps to reduce or eliminate them, and fosters environments where people with disabilities can take part in the community.

Developing the Plan

The Plan has been developed through consultation with; people with disabilities, local disability organisations, the Banyule Disability and Inclusion Advisory Committee, families and carers of people with disabilities, Council staff and the general public.

We also reviewed other policies and plans that relate to people with a disability and looked at how the introduction of the NDIS in Banyule might provide opportunities for increased community access and inclusion for people with a disability.


We have worked closely with many partners to successfully implement the Disability Plan 2014-2017 and enhance outcomes within our local community.

Take a look at the below Achievements Reports for examples of some of the work undertaken.