Project update - what you told us

November 17, 2022

Over the past 12 months almost 470 people have provided us with feedback and there were more than 2,200 visits to the Shaping Banyule project page. Of those who provided formal feedback there were:

Survey and pop-up results

During August and September 2022, we consulted with the community to gain more insight into the priorities for the Village streetscape. We would like to thank the community, traders and community groups for taking the time to tell us their thoughts.

What we heard

Parking, trees and greenery

The below tables provide a snapshot of how people responded to the parking-related statements:

There is currently enough parking in the village

Agree Neutral Disagree
Community 32%14%54%

There is currently enough accessible parking in the village

Agree Neutral Disagree
Community 23%33%44%

I would support a loss of car parking spaces if more tree could be planted

Agree Neutral Disagree
Community 32%13%55%


Feedback to prioritising the budget for footpath repairs in the village was positive.

Burton Crescent

Feedback on making the activation of Burton Crescent permanent was mixed.

Public toilets

There was general support for a public toilet in the village.

View the full consultation report here

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