Project update

Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent consultation on the future of Burton Crescent.

Understanding your preferred outcome for Burton Crescent has informed the final East Ivanhoe Streetscape concept design, which was adopted by Council on Monday 29 May 2023.

Watch the Council meeting or view Item 6.3 in the Council report and minutes.

The final concept plan for the East Ivanhoe streetscape upgrade can be seen below. This will provide the basis for the detailed design to be delivered in late 2023 - early 2024.

​East Ivanhoe Village - final design option for the streetscape

East Ivanhoe Village - final design option

What you told us

In March and April 2023, 420 people completed a survey online or in hard copy to provide feedback on the future of Burton Crescent.

Respondents' preferred option was to retain the parklet, with no change to traffic flow (keep it two-way).

Stage 3

Community engagement

In 2022, we temporarily transformed one side of Burton Crescent into a parklet. The footpath on the other side was permanently widened, improving pedestrian access and providing more outdoor dining space for two local businesses. Several events were also held in the space, including the Winter Solstice. We asked the community what they thought of this transformation.

From this feedback we then prepared four options for the future of Burton Crescent and in March and April 2023 we asked the community to state their preferred option.

  • Return Burton Crescent to what it was, including three parking spaces to the west and no change to traffic movement.
  • Retain the parklet, and no change to traffic movement (two-way)
  • Retain and widen the parklet, make Burton Crescent one-way (northbound with no exit to Lower Heidelberg Road) and raise the pavement to create a shared zone where pedestrians have priority
  • Make it Hybrid, retain a section of the parklet, create a disabled parking bay, make Burton Crescent one-way (northbound with no exit to Lower Heidelberg Road), and raise the pavement to create a shared zone where pedestrians have priority.

The preferred option from the 420 survey responses was to retain the parklet, with no change to traffic movement (keep it two-way).

Stage 1 & 2

Community engagement

In 2021-22, we asked the East Ivanhoe community to share with us what they value most about the East Ivanhoe Village and tell us how we can support to create a more connected, sustainable and vibrant place. Your responses helped shape a community vision for the Village:

East Ivanhoe Village will continue to be the green and attractive heart of a vibrant, welcoming community with a unique cultural heritage, providing places for people to shop, meet, connect and celebrate.

This vision was used to help develop the East Ivanhoe Village Concept Plan for the streetscape upgrade.

During this time, almost 470 people provided feedback and there were more than 2,200 visits to the Shaping Banyule project page. Of those who provided formal feedback there were:

To read more about what we heard, have a look at the social map below, go to the consultation findings page or read the full consultation report.

Access and connections

The upgrade to East Ivanhoe Village streetscape will include the addition of three new parking bays:

  • one in Warncliffe Road, subject to completion of design; and
  • two new parking bays in Wilfred Road.

The existing disabled parking will also be improved to meet DDA standards.

To improve pedestrian safety and accessibility we are also advocating to Department of Transport and Planning for future improvements, including an upgrade to existing signalised pedestrian crossing located in front of no. 255 Lower Heidelberg Road, and pedestrian crossings in local streets adjacent to Lower Heidelberg Road.

Car Parking

Based on comments received during the initial consultation process, we engaged traffic and parking consultants to investigate and report on parking supply and occupancy within the East Ivanhoe Activity Centre.

The report included:

  • an assessment of current car parking supply in the Village, that considers number of parking spots, occupancy and turnover.
  • a parking inventory to ascertain the number of on-street car parking spaces and existing parking restrictions within the area including Beauview Parade, Burton Crescent, Warncliffe Road, Wilfred Road and Carmichael Street.
  • parking occupancy surveys of the off-street car parking spaces in Council owned carparks in Beauview Parade, Burton Crescent and Wilfred Road.

The study was undertaken on different days and times of the week and the analysis highlighted that there is some high occupancy during the week but mainly from 10am - 5pm. There is also medium occupancy on Saturday from 10am - 1pm. During all other times car park spots are available.

We have also conducted an area wide parking investigation and survey with local businesses and are considering some changes to the parking restrictions within the off-street car parks along Burton Crescent and Wilfred Road to increase the turnover of parking in the area.

Project Reference Group

Project Reference Group

From October to November 2021, we invited interested community members and traders to participate in a small but informed Project Reference Group (PRG) for East Ivanhoe Village. Eight places have been filled, representing a cross-section of the community.

Membership categories include:

  • Banyule Trader Association, Business Association or Body Corporate (Centre Manager or Committee Member/President) 
  • Banyule business operator and/or owner
  • Interest and sporting group member (eg. cycling, sporting, community interest group)
  • School Community – PTA member and a member of staff 
  • East Ivanhoe resident

The PRG has:

  • Helped develop an understanding of the current useability and function of the public realm at East Ivanhoe Village, through the eyes of those who use it – what works, what doesn’t
  • Helped shape public consultation activities and consider feedback that emerges from it
  • Identified areas for improvement or focus
  • Provided feedback and ideas to inform concept designs

The final meeting for the PRG was held on 11 April 2023. We would like to thank the Project Reference Group for their valuable contributions and feedback over the past 18 months.


Frequently asked questions

What we have done

We have undertaken extensive engagement with the community to gather valuable feedback. We have heard a diverse range of opinions on what makes East Ivanhoe a great place through:

  • on site pop-ups sessions
  • online and hardcopy surveys for residents, traders and commercial building owners
  • conversations with the project reference group.

Community engagement has helped us develop a picture of what makes East Ivanhoe a great place for you and what is important for the future.

View the full findings report here.

Safe Routes to School Program

With the support of the local primary school, we were able to engage directly with the school community to develop an understanding of people's journey to and from school. The information collected informed initiatives to support the Safe Routes to School program, including the installation of decals on the footpaths for school kids to navigate safely and education programs with the children on road safety.

Thank you to East Ivanhoe Primary for partnering with us on this important initiative.


Feedback from the community and trader community highlighted the ongoing concern around parking within the activity centre – not just the lack of parking but the issue of people staying over the permitted time. We are working closely with our trader and school community to address some of the concerns and issues raised in the feedback. Some short term initiatives include improvements to line marking and better wayfinding signage on Lower Heidelberg Road to direct people towards the parking behind the centre.

Burton Cres pocket park

The trial of a small pocket park in Burton Cres was the result of early community feedback to see more opportunities for gathering spaces within the activity centre. The recent engagement has provided further insight and we will incorporate this feedback into future planning and designs.

VicRoads new pedestrian crossing

Whilst this was not a council project, community feedback supported council in our conversations with Department of Transport and Planning to advocate for a better outcome for the community. This included minimising the number of carparks lost as a result of the crossing (down from 9 to 4) and the choice of bluestone as a pavement finish to the crossing.

So where to from here…

We are working towards developing a masterplan for the Village and concepts for discussion.

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Additional funding for this project is being sought through the 2023/24 Council budget. This will allow for a better outcome than would have been possible with the $1.29 million originally allocated for public realm improvements. Council will continue to pursue any grant opportunities available from both State and Federal governments to support delivery of the project.

The project focus area includes the retail area of East Ivanhoe Village strip including Lower Heidelberg Road, Wilfred Road and Burton Crescent.

This project supports the Banyule Community Vision 2041 and aligns with our draft Council Plan (2021-2025) objectives 'Our Well-Built City and 'Our Thriving Local Economy', ensuring we continue to provide you with great places and spaces and support local business.