Local Laws are created with the community in mind. They deal with current and emerging issues and needs, and help people to understand their rights and responsibilities. Local Laws allow Council to respond to local matters to protect public and private space and the community’s health and safety.

Council has a legislative obligation under the Local Government Act 2020 to review its Local Law every 10 years to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the community and addresses any new or emerging issues.

The current Local Law is set to expire in April 2025 and will not be valid or enforceable after this date. A new Local Law needs to be developed and will be known as the Community Local Law 2025.

View the Community Impact Statement to learn more about the proposed Local Law and understand the changes that Council is proposing.

  • protect community safety and neighbourhood amenity
  • protect our environment
  • improve access and enjoyment of public open spaces for the community
  • provide good governance, accountability and enforcement for any breaches of the Local Law.
  • your property or business
  • your animals
  • fire safety
  • building and asset protection
  • vehicles and roads
  • footpath trading
  • naturestrips
  • Council buildings and occupation of Council land
  • Municipal places and reserves
  • alcohol and smoking
  • permits, administration and enforcement.

Get involved

  • Workshops

    Come and hear from Council staff about the proposed changes and tell us what you think!
    Go to the timeline to reserve your spot.

    Wednesday 17 July, 5.30pm - 7pm
    Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub, 275 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe

    Friday 19 July, 2pm - 4pm
    Greensborough Service Centre, Lvl 4, 1 Flintoff Street, Greensborough

    Wednesday 24 July, 2pm - 4pm
    Bellfield Community Hub, 15 Daphne Crescent, Bellfield

    Thursday 1 August, 10am - 11am


What we've done so far

To help develop of the proposed Local Law, Council has undertaken extensive internal consultation with various Council departments. The primary purpose was to understand how the proposed Local Law could address municipal changes, regulatory concerns and emerging issues.

In the proposed Local Law we have also:

  • updated legislative references
  • made administrative changes, removing pronouns and creating a more accessible document.

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