Our 2041

Imagine Banyule in 2041. What do you want the City to be like? What needs to be kept and preserved and what needs to change or improve?

These are the questions we asked our community in the first stage of the Banyule 2041 Project.

The Banyule 2041 project is about working with our community to create a new 2041 Community Vision and Council Plan and inform Council's long-term Financial Plan.

  • The Community Vision will capture how you want Banyule to be in 2041
  • The Council Plan sets out how we are working toward that vision every 4 years
  • The long term Financial Plan will guide how Council plans to remain financially sustainable to support the Community Vision and Council Plan.

From November 2020 to January 2021 over 4,100 people engaged with Banyule 2041 project information and resources and over
1,300 individuals actively participated in Banyule 2041 engagement activities.

Stage 1 of the engagement focused on establishing a baseline of community values, aspirations, focus areas and preferences for financial sustainability.

View the Engagement Findings Report and Stage 1 Findings Summary.

Budget & Revenue and Rating Plan 2021 - 2025

The feedback from Stage 1 has also been used to inform these draft documents which are now available for viewing and submissions.

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What's next

Let's continue the conversation

We are moving into stage 2 of the project to build on what we heard from you in stage 1.

A Banyule Community Working Group has been established to develop the 2041 community vision and advise Council on how to achieve the vision.

Stage 2 will build on what you've already told us. We will identify a shared vision, the steps needed to work towards achieving our vision and how we plan for financial sustainability.

There are 3 key opportunities for you to get involved.

In late March a postcard survey was posted to all Banyule households as well as being open online. The online survey has now closed.

The results are now being reviewed and a summary will be made available shortly.

The survey findings, and other engagement activities for Banyule 2041 (Stage 2), will be used to shape our long-term Community Vision and Council Plan for the next four year period.

Mid April - Late May 2021

A group made up of approx. 45 community members who will work collaboratively to directly shape the future of our municipality.

Late June - Early July 2021

  • Survey conducted online
  • Workshops organised online and in person
  • Pop up sessions organised in key locations across the municipality.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Community Working Group (often referred to as a People’s Panel or a Community Panel) is a group of community representatives who come together to learn about and discuss issues in detail over a series of sessions.

The Banyule 2041 CWG will be a representative sample of the Banyule community who will work together to develop the 2041 Community Vision and advise Council on how to achieve the vision. The CWG will comprise of approximately 45 participants who represent the diversity of the Banyule community.

The CWG produce:

  • Co-authored Community Vision Statement
  • A set of prioritised community themes and recommendations on outcomes (strategic objectives) for delivering them.

The selection of participants for the Banyule 2041 CWG will be managed by Capire Consulting Group. Capire will be looking to ensure the CWG has a diverse representation from across the Banyule community. A random selection process will be applied to ensure the CWG represents to the best of its ability a 'mini Banyule'.

Not all people who express their interest will be able to be selected for the CWG.

The Banyule 2041 CWG will meet for a total of 10-hours, of both in-person and online session time over four sessions. Sessions will run from mid-April to mid-May. Participants must be available to participate in all sessions. The session dates are outlined below.


Date and time

Session 1: Welcome, CWG role and scene setting

Thursday 22 April 2021, 6.30pm-8.30pm (in-person)

Session 2: Prioritising community themes and recommendations

Saturday 24 April 2021, 9.30am-12.30pm (in-person)

Session 3: Drafting the vision statement

Wednesday 5 May 2021, 6.30pm-8.30pm (online)

Session 4: Finalising and presenting outcomes to Mayor

Saturday 15 May 2021, 9.30am- 12.30pm (in-person)

Participants will receive a $100 local shops giftcard for taking part in 4 sessions, to say thank you and help with any out of pocket expenses. We can also provide additional support as required, just let us know what you need when you complete your expression of interest form.

Yes, before the first session we will provide all CWG members with a welcome pack that includes key information. We will also be providing presentations on key topics to support the CWG in their deliberation and outputs.

No, your thoughts, opinions and ideas are all you need.

We’d like you to read the background information provided in the welcome pack. You also need to attend all four sessions.

To apply for the Banyule 2041 CWG, complete the EOI form. If you have any trouble answering these questions or prefer to provide your answers over the phone, contact Capire Consulting Group on 9021 0622

Each participant will be eligible for remuneration, to thank them for their time and efforts. The remuneration includes:

  • $100 local shops gift card for taking part in all 4 sessions
  • Support to cover any out of pocket expenses.

To be eligible, participants will be required to attend all 4 sessions.

The EOI for the CWG will close on the 31 March 2021. Capire Consulting Group will be selecting and contacting successful applicants in early April. Unsuccessful EOIs will be notified by 20 April 2021.

We will share the journey and outcomes of the Banyule 2041 CWG process.

You can also participate in any of the other Banyule 2041 Stage 2B Engagement opportunities.

Stage 1

Stage 1 engagement of the Banyule 2041 project started on 30 November 2020 and focused on establishing a baseline of community values, aspirations, focus areas and preferences for financial sustainability. The engagement started with the launch of an online survey and ended with a series of community workshops.

A range of engagement opportunities such as:

  • online workshops
  • online survey through Shaping Banyule
  • face-to-face community focus groups
  • written survey and submissions
  • phone surveys

During this stage 4,100 were engaged with more than 1,300 community and wider stakeholders actively participated during this period.

Banyule 2041 project was promoted through various communication channels, resulting in a very wide reach of over 100,000 people, through:

  • social media posts
  • direct emails
  • Banyule Banner
  • Workshop flyers and letters
  • Council website
  • Shaping Banyule project page
  • posters and real estate boards throughout the municipality
  • postcards
  • phone survey

View the Engagement Findings Report and Stage 1 Findings Summary.

Info for you

Useful information

Whether you’re participating in a workshop or filling in a survey, or possibly even both, you might find the information on our community, environment and key activities and services useful in providing your response.