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Imagine Banyule in 2041. What do you want the City to be like? What needs to be kept and preserved and what needs to change or improve?

These are the questions we want your views on to create a new 2041 Community Vision and Council Plan and inform Council's long term Financial Plan. This is your opportunity to shape the future of Banyule.

  • The Community Vision will capture how you want Banyule to be in 2041
  • The Council Plan sets out how we are working toward that vision every 4 years
  • The long term Financial Plan will guide how Council plans to remain financially sustainable to support the Community Vision and Council Plan.

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Share your views on what you love, future priorities, Council spending and more.

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Whether you’re participating in a workshop or filling in a survey, or possibly even both, you might find the information on our community, environment and key activities and services useful in providing your response.

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What words describe what a great Banyule will look like 20 years from now?

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4 December, 2020

sophie says:

“Create Community Hub in Montmorency on old Uniting Church site, Rattray rd. People will pop in, feel belonging, learning, sharing, grounding”