Banyule 2041 – Shaping Our Future project has achieved a significant milestone with the new Banyule Community Vision 2041 adopted by Council on 19 July 2021.

During April and May 2021, Banyule Community Working Group (CWG) members worked together to develop Banyule’s Community Vision 2041 and a series of recommendations to support the development of Council Plan 2021-25 and Financial Plan 2021-2031.

We have used Stage 1 engagement findings, recommendations from CWG and other organisational priorities to develop the draft Council Plan 2021-25 and draft Financial Plan 2021-2031.

The Banyule Community Vision 2041, Council Plan 2021-2025 and Financial Plan 2021-2031 are a result of extensive consultation and collaboration between our community, Council and all of our key stakeholders, including community groups and organisations, governments and industry, local businesses, ratepayers, and residents.

From 10 August to 7 September 2021, we invite your feedback on the draft plans.

  • Register to attend a community event
  • Review the plans and provide your feedback by completing the survey
  • Ask us a question on Shaping Banyule

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Strategic Objectives

Share your thoughts

Provide feedback on the draft plans

Stage 1

Understanding community aspirations and focus for the future

Stage 1 engagement of the Banyule 2041 project started on 30 November 2020 and focused on establishing a baseline of community values, aspirations, focus areas and preferences for financial sustainability. The engagement started with the launch of an online survey and ended with a series of community workshops.

A range of engagement opportunities such as:

  • online workshops
  • online survey through Shaping Banyule
  • face-to-face community focus groups
  • written survey and submissions
  • phone surveys

During this stage 4,100 were engaged with more than 1,300 community and wider stakeholders actively participated during this period.

Banyule 2041 project was promoted through various communication channels, resulting in a very wide reach of over 100,000 people, through:

  • social media posts
  • direct emails
  • Banyule Banner
  • workshop flyers and letters
  • Council website
  • Shaping Banyule project page
  • posters and real estate boards throughout the municipality
  • postcards
  • phone survey

View the Engagement Findings Report and Stage 1 Findings Summary.

Stage 2

Banyule Community Working Group

In Stage 2 of the Banyule 2041 project, Council formed a Community Working Group (CWG), made up of a cross section of community members, who came together over four sessions to develop the 2041 Community Vision Statement, and six supporting vision themes.

Banyule 2041 Community Vision Statement:

"We in Banyule are a striving, sustainable, inclusive and connected community. We are engaged, we belong, and we value and protect our environment."

Banyule Community Vision Priority Themes:

  • Our Inclusive and Connected Community
  • Our Sustainable Environment
  • Our Wee-Built City
  • Our Valued Community Assets and Facilities
  • Our Thriving Local Economy
  • Our Trusted and Responsive Leadership

The Banyule Community Vision 2041 provide a road map for Council to achieve it's long term vision for Banyule and inform the Council Plan and other strategic plans.

View the Journey Report on the Banyule 2041 – Community Working Group.

Creating the Community Vision

About the CWG

A Community Working Group (often referred to as a People’s Panel or a Community Panel) is a group of community representatives who come together to learn about and discuss issues in detail over a series of sessions.

The Banyule 2041 CWG will be a representative sample of the Banyule community who will work together to develop the 2041 Community Vision and advise Council on how to achieve the vision. The CWG will comprise of approximately 45 participants who represent the diversity of the Banyule community.

The CWG produce:

  • Co-authored Community Vision Statement
  • A set of prioritised community themes and recommendations on outcomes (strategic objectives) for delivering them.

The selection of participants for the Banyule 2041 CWG was managed by Capire Consulting Group. Capire was looking to ensure the CWG has a diverse representation from across the Banyule community. A random selection process was applied to ensure the CWG represents to the best of its ability a 'mini Banyule'.

Not all people who expressed their interest were able to be selected for the CWG.

The Banyule 2041 CWG met for a total of 10-hours, of both in-person and online session time over four sessions. Sessions ran from mid-April to mid-May. Participants had to be available to participate in all sessions.

Budget & Revenue and Rating Plan

The feedback from Stage 1 also informed the Budget 2021/2025 and Revenue and Rating Plan which were adopted by Council in June 2021.

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