Banyule City Council is committed to becoming a carbon-neutral organisation by 2028 and achieving carbon neutrality for the wider community by 2040.

To help us with next steps in the journey, we're updating our Corporate Emissions Reduction Plan and developing Banyule's first Climate Adaptation Framework to make sure that Banyule remains the vibrant, green and thriving community we all love.

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To achieve Banyule's ambitious targets of becoming a carbon-neutral organisation by 2028 and municipality by 2040, we developed the Corporate Emissions Reduction Plan (2020-23) and the Community Climate Action Framework, which have led to significant progress in responding to climate change including:

  • working with other Councils to purchase electricity from renewable sources and eliminate all carbon emissions from power usage
  • developing Banyule’s first Urban Forest Strategy which will increase our population of trees and plants, draw carbon emissions from the atmosphere and enhance and protect the environment for future generations
  • assisting over 250 households with energy efficiency upgrades to their homes including installing solar systems, energy efficiency audits and changes to make homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • installing solar panels on over 75 Council buildings, helping to reduce our carbon footprint, cutting costs and moving away from traditional energy sources.

But there's more work to do to be achieve the targets. Complete the Survey up until 24 March 2024 or register for one of the February Forums to help us with next steps in this journey.