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    We asked you to share your thoughts on social housing, medium density housing like units and townhouses, and attach images of good and poor housing design.
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The Housing Discussion Paper has been developed to support your participation in the development of our Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategies.

The Discussion Paper considers:

Background and context

It's been 10 years since Banyule’s Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategies were developed.

Since then, our population has grown and our households have become more diverse. Melbourne is being reshaped by major infrastructure projects and our understanding of social and environmental sustainability has transformed.

We now need to update our Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategies and plan for Banyule's changing housing needs.

Affordability, housing choice, rental housing, social connectivity and sustainability are important considerations, and we need to revisit how we balance the need for housing growth and diversity, while respecting neighbourhood character and the liveability of our suburbs.

The review of our Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategies is a significant piece of work that is taking place over a number of years, and will include extensive community engagement at each stage.

Preliminary Discussion Paper

What we did

From May to June 2022, we consulted with the community on the Preliminary Discussion Paper to find out what's important to them about where and how they live and what the future needs of the community might be.

During this time 366 people provided feedback through an online survey , with over 1,800 visits to the Shaping Banyule project page. Your feedback helped to inform the development of a detailed Housing Discussion Paper (LINK TO DOC).

What you told us

The key themes for housing were:

The key themes for neighbourhood character were:

View the findings report here.

The Preliminary Discussion Paper and feedback received were needed to start a conversation and consider how the housing and policy landscape has changed since 2009.

It was important to go on this journey together to consider whether our housing aims are being achieved, and how we can adapt our thinking and approach to our current needs.

We have taken your feedback and analysed the population data and housing trends to present you with the facts, scenarios, and options for how to proceed in Banyule’s housing and neighbourhood character journey.

Project stages

There are three key ways to get involved:

The preliminary discussion paper was available for review with an opportunity to share your thoughts with us by completing an online survey. The feedback provided helped to inform the topics in the Stage 2 Housing Discussion Paper, which is a more detailed document.

The survey for stage 1 has now closed. View the survey results.

This paper will present analysis on the important housing issues in Banyule and opportunities to address housing challenges for our residents.

Extensive consultation will be conducted to ensure all sectors of our community are involved. Feedback will help to inform the Draft Housing Strategy.

Two separate draft strategies will be developed next year. These include:

  • The draft Housing Strategy – outlining Council’s long-term plan to manage future housing growth and change so that it best meets the ongoing needs of the community.
  • The draft Neighbourhood Character Strategy – this will be prepared alongside the Draft Housing Strategy. It will identify the important features and key issues of each neighbourhood. It will provide strategic direction to guide future development.

Both will be informed by the consultation done in stages 1 and 2 of the Housing and Neighbourhood Character Review.

It will include extensive community consultation through a variety of face to face and online settings that will ensure all sectors of our community are involved.

The final strategies will include recommendations for changes to the Banyule Planning Scheme. Further consultation will be planned as part of any future Planning Scheme Amendment process.