About the project

Population growth and increased urban density will have a significant impact on open space within Ivanhoe. As a result, the development of new open space areas within the suburb is a high priority for Council.

In partnership with the State Government, we will create 2 new pocket parks and a shared pedestrian/car zone in the heart of Ivanhoe in line with the Ivanhoe Structure Plan.

The pocket parks will bring an uplifting fresh, green space to an otherwise built-up urban area, giving you space for connection, socialising and relaxation. The project will include significant landscaping and the installation of canopy trees that will provide shade and relief from the effects of urban heat. The shared zone will make it safer for everyone to access the new pocket parks.

The pocket parks will act as welcoming meeting place for social interactions, and artistic, recreational and cultural activity (Ivanhoe Structure Plan, Section 2.5.4, Civic, Community and Entertainment, page 27).

The project includes:

  • a pocket park close to the shops along Upper Heidelberg Road and in the road reserve to the south of Norman Street
  • a shared pedestrian/car zone (maintaining car access to existing properties) on Waterdale Road between the new pocket park on Upper Heidelberg Road and Norman Street
  • road closure at the northern end of Waterdale Road where it intersects with Upper Heidelberg Road (south side)
  • minimal impacts on the current parking where possible through considered design.

This project is funded by the Victorian Government through the Local Parks Program.

What we are doing

What we are doing

We have completed some technical, design and traffic assessments to develop the preliminary concept plans and supporting illustrations. These assessments identified that the best approach was to close a section of Waterdale Road at Heidelberg Road promoting a more connected shopping strip.

We want your help to refine the concept designs for the pocket parks and shared zone so that it reflects community and meets your need.

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Concept plans

Concept plans

Check out the pocket parks and shared zone draft concept design and tell us what you think.

Thank you

Thank you for your feedback on the Waterdale Road pocket park and shared zone concept design. Feedback is now closed.