Project Update

Thank you for your comments. Feedback is now closed. Your feedback will be used to help us finalise our draft Biodiversity, Environmental Stewardship and Water Plans.

About the project

Our draft Biodiversity, Environmental Stewardship and Water Plans are now available for your comments.

These plans have been developed through consultation with relevant Council departments and the Banyule Environmental Advisory Committee (BEAC). BEAC is made up of community representatives from across the municipality who are able to provide expert advice in relation to the environment. By consulting early with these stakeholders we hope to achieve outcomes that align with community expectations.

We also recognise that the broader community are an integral part of the environment and we believe by working together, we can achieve great things. Have a look at what we have planned for biodiversity, environmental stewardship and water and let us know what you think.

Our commitment

The 'Planet' objective of our Council Plan 2017-2021 outlines five key directions and associated focus areas that will help us to protect and care for the environment and work towards achieving environmental sustainability. The information below highlights the focus areas we are aiming to address through the Biodiversity, Water and Environmental Stewardship draft plans.

Focus Areas

2.1.1 Protect and engage wildlife corridors, waterways and wetlands

2.1.2 Protect and plant trees and appropriate vegetation

2.1.3 Prevent and reduce litter and waste dumping

2.1.4 Improve biodiversity outcomes, in particular for threatened flora and fauna

Strategic Plan

Biodiversity Draft Plan 2019-2021

Focus Areas

2.2.1 Minimise Council's water use

2.2.2 Improve our urban drainage and stormwater management

Strategic Plan

Water Draft Plan 2019-2021

Focus Areas

2.3.1 Reduce our contribution to climate change

2.3.2 Review the Energy Plan to work towards zero net Council emissions, with a focus on self-generated green energy

2.3.3 Investigate the development of a Community Energy Plan to assist the community to minimise energy use and lower greenhouse gas emission

Strategic Plan

Banyule'e Energy Plan is currently under review, subject to further analysis to inform our long term approach to climate action. To keep updated on developments in this space, visit our website.

Focus Areas

2.4.1 Discourage waste to landfill, including leading by example in reducing Council's own waste generation

2.4.2 Identify, promote and implement viable recycling opporunities

2.4.3 Advocate for increased use of environmentally beneficial technologies and services in the community and government

Strategic Plan

This theme is addressed through the recently endorsed Plan - Towards Zero Waste Management Plan .

Focus Areas

2.5.1 Support and educate the community to protect, enhance and experience the environment, working together with local Friends groups and environmental organisations

2.5.2 Manage recreation and open spaces in an environmentally sustainable way

Strategic Plan

Environmental Stewardship Draft Plan 2019-2021.