Watsonia to the M80 Ring Road

After a tender process in October 2022, AMA was announced the preferred bidder to construct the Northern Package of North East Link (NEL) works from Watsonia to the M80 Ring Road.

Final designs are underway and are expected to go on public exhibition as an Urban Design and Landscape Plan in the second half of 2023. Onsite works will begin in early 2024 and finish concurrently with the Central Package works in 2028 to allow the entire North East Link alignment to open. Read more here.

The current reference design released by the State Government for the northern section of North East Link includes a 10-lane trench through Watsonia which:

  • wall-to-wall, will be 65 metres wide, equivalent to an 18-storey building lying on its side
  • will be 100 metres wide at some points, with 18 lanes of asphalt (driving, service and on/off lanes).

Council believes these plans will:

  • divide our community, threaten the viability of businesses and increase noise and visual clutter
  • split Watsonia in two and separate people from shops, services, the train station and each other.

Council has worked with tunnelling, analytics and modelling experts to identify a better option. That is to put a lid over the trench that will:

  • create a green bridge over a grey trench
  • help keep businesses open and our community thriving
  • create more than three hectares of land that in years to come can be used to create the places and spaces our community needs and deserves
  • boost accessibility and access between Watsonia Village, the train station and car park. Read more.

For full details of what Council is advocating for to be delivered in the Northern package.