Local Impacts

The North East Link Authority (NELA) is moving forward with design, reporting and approval work for the North East Link project based on the Victorian Government corridor decision.

While the project will significantly impact Banyule, many opportunities present themselves for significant community benefit. We have put together a list of complementary projects and submitted them to NELA to incorporate in the project.

North East Link Project Area

Based on the selected corridor, North East Link should include:

  • A new toll road between the M80 (Metropolitan Ring Road) and the Eastern Freeway at Bulleen
    • Interchanges at:
      • M80
      • Grimshaw Street
      • Lower Plenty Road
      • Manningham Road/Banksia Street
  • Free service road access between M80/Diamond Creek Road and Lower Plenty Road.
  • A tunnel from north of Lower Plenty Road to north of the Eastern Freeway.
  • Enhancements to the Eastern Freeway between Hoddle Street and Springvale Road.
  • Improvements to Watsonia railway station.
  • Bicycle network improvements.

We regularly meet with NELA to get updates on the project. Significant progress has been made in developing the proposed design which will be incorporated into the reference document.

The Environmental Effects Statement (EES) is being developed with NELA appointing 18 consultants to assist with documentation and assessment of the environmental implications. A technical reference group made up of councils, government agencies and NELA is also meeting monthly to contribute to the development of the EES.

Although community workshops focusing on walking and cycling, urban design, and environment have already occurred, there will be more opportunity to get involved.


Council has long recognised the need for and advocated for the completion of the Metropolitan Ring Road as a direct orbital link from the Greensborough Bypass through to Ringwood. It is a key priority in the Banyule Integrated Transport Plan.

Banyule’s arterial road network, including Rosanna Road and Greensborough Highway is used as a link for freight and commuter traffic between the northern and western suburbs and the south eastern suburbs. Rosanna Road and Greensborough Highway experience high levels of congestion, impacting on road safety and amenity of surrounding residents.

In December 2016, the Victorian Government committed $35 million to put together the business case for the completion of the Metropolitan Ring Road, including route selection, planning approval and tendering. The Victorian Government has established the North East Link Authority to oversee the project.

In July 2016, Council sought expressions of interest from residents and community members to join a community focus group to guide Council in the development of a North East Link Project Action Plan.

The North East Link Community Focus Group was formed, comprising ten community members and Councillors to:

  • Provide information on issues around safety and amenity of Rosanna Road and Greensborough Highway from Banksia Street through to the Metropolitan Ring Road.
  • Provide ideas and thoughts on how best to advocate for an orbital north east link between Greensborough and Eastlink.
  • Respond to and provide advice on the draft Action Plan.

The community focus group met on two occasions – 7 September and 29 November 2016, working together to develop the action plan.

The North East Link Project Action Plan (NELPAP) outlines Council’s commitment to work with the community to advocate for the completion of the Metropolitan Ring Road and to determine the Future of Rosanna Road.

The North East Link Project Action Plan has four main goals with a number of actions detailed to achieve that goal. The four goals are to:

GOAL 1: Jointly advocate for the completion of the Metropolitan Ring Road.

GOAL 2: Facilitate and encourage discussion on potential alignments for the completion of the Metropolitan Ring Road.

GOAL 3: Determine the Future of Rosanna Road.

GOAL 4: Promote the Action Plan.