Improving your playgrounds

As highlighted in Council's Public Open Space Plan 2016-2031, Council strive to maintain its currently healthy provision of public playgrounds. This includes replacing playground equipment that has come to the end of its functional life. We're replacing local playgrounds in Watsonia, Bundoora and Greensborough with new play equipment as part of the Playground Replacement Program 2017/18.

To get the ball rolling we seek feedback on these playgrounds:

  1. Gillingham Reserve, Watsonia North
  2. Loyola Reserve, Bundoora
  3. Apollo Parkways, Greensborough
  4. Greenhills Reserve, Greensborough

These playgrounds are classified as local play places and are designed to repsond to the needs of local residents.

Design Principles

Local government plays an important leadership role in promoting and providing opportunities for the community to be physically active and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle.

When planning play spaces, Council considers the following key elements:

  1. Quantity;
  2. Quality;
  3. Accessibility & connection;
  4. Equitable distribution;
  5. Diversity; and
  6. Sustainability.

When replacing playgrounds we seek to provide:

  • Stimulating fun and learning activities;
  • Age related risk opportunities;
  • Activities that support the development of different skills and abilities;
  • Structured and unstructured play opportunities; and
  • Public art in plays spaces.