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Thanks for your feedback on the safety, service and location of our public toilets. Feedback is now closed.

The importance of public toilets

Public toilets are a significant piece of community infrastructure that contribute to the enjoyment, amenity and length of time residents and visitors experience Banyule’s public spaces.

The focus of the Public Toilet Plan is Council-owned and managed toilets located in public parks, near playgrounds, sports ovals and in activity areas. The Plan provides a 10-year plan to guide the provision of Council-owned and managed public toilets across the municipality.

We are reviewing the existing Plan and seeking your feedback to help shape future priorities for public toilets and make sure we get it right.

We want your help to:

  • understand community preferences on the level of service we provide
  • shape the renewal and upgrade program of existing public toilets
  • identify new toilets where no toilet facilities currently exist.
  • Get involved

    Thank you for telling us where you think public toilets should be located and the types of facilities and features that are important in public toilets. Feedback is now closed.

    What we've done

    Research and analysis

    As part of the review, we have undertaken:

    • A condition inspection of all public toilets.
    • A survey to establish a STAR rating for each public toilet, where 1 = low service level and 5 = high service level. The STAR rating considers:
      • sustainable design features
      • safety
      • environment
      • accessibility
      • design features
      • cleanliness
      • facilities available in the toilets.
    • We are also carrying out a gap analysis to identify where new toilets should be located considering:
      • proximity to nearest toilet
      • nearby activity centres
      • population.
    • Analysis of data collected by people-counting sensors installed in several toilets to understand the level of use of our public toilets.
    • Analysis of data to identify the toilets to be renewed over the next 10 years.

    About our toilets

    How many toilets are there? What condition are they in?

    We've completed an audit of the 58 Council-managed public toilets in Banyule and have some key facts and stats about our toilets that will assist our planning.

    View a summary of key information below:


    The analysis highlighted that although most of our toilets are more than 40 years old, none of them are considered to be in poor condition.


    The analysis highlighted that public toilets in Banyule should be distributed in an efficient way to ensure convenient and equitable access.


    The analysis highlighted that public toilets need adequate signage, a dedicated path, disabled and 24-hour access.


    The analysis highlighted that more water and energy saving devices need to be install in our public toilets and the use of natural light and ventilation is important for sustainability.