Update - November 2019

The Minister for Planning has refused to approve Banyule Planning Scheme Amendment C152, finding that there was insufficient justification to apply the Heritage Overlay to the subject site. As a consequence the owner of the site is now able to once again seek a building permit to demolish the existing building on site and commence works under the approved planning permit (subject to relevant building approvals).

Update - August 2019

At its meeting on 25 February 2019, Council resolved to refer submissions for Amendment C152 to an independent planning panel. The two-day panel hearing was held on Tuesday 30 April and Thursday 2 May 2019 at Council’s Offices in Greensborough. The hearing was open to the public and followed the proposed timetable. Council’s Part A Submission to the panel, Context Pty Ltd expert witness report and Mr Bryce Raworth expert witness report are available in the document library.

The panel report was received by Council in June 2019 and does not support the application of the Heritage Overlay to 22 Arden Crescent, Rosanna.

At its meeting on 15 July 2019, Council considered the panel report and resolved to adopt Amendment C152 and submit to the Minister for Planning for approval.


Council has prepared Amendment C152 to the Banyule Planning Scheme to apply a heritage overlay to 22 Arden Crescent, Rosanna. The explanatory report details the specifics of the amendment.

The amendment was prepared following an application we received under Section 29A of the Building Act 1993 for full demolition of the dwelling at 22 Arden Crescent, Rosanna on 6 September 2018.

A heritage assessment of the house historically as ‘Arden Chase’ has been completed. The assessment identifies a range of features that are of heritage significant including the form of the house, the visual prominence of the tower and the garden setting. The Statement of Heritage Significance includes the details of the assessment.

The heritage assessment found that the house is of local historic significance to Banyule and recommends it be including in the Schedule to the Heritage Overlay of the Banyule Planning Scheme as an individually significant place.

What we are doing

Following the heritage assesment we have prepared an amendment to the Banyule Planning Scheme to apply a Heritage Overlay to 22 Arden Crescent, Rosanna to enable public consideration of the heritage significance of the property. The purpose of the Heritage Overlay in the Planning Scheme is to conserve and enhance heritage places of natural or cultural significance, and ensure that development does not adversely affect the significance of heritage places.

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