Each year, as part of the delivery of Council's Public Open Space Plan 2016-2031, several playground renewal projects are completed across Banyule. This includes replacing playground equipment that has come to the end of its functional life and taking the opportunity to reimagine the playspaces and the features on offer.

From August – September 2020, we constructed three large neighbourhood playgrounds as part of our Playground Replacement Program that were designed to meet the needs of the community.

Macleod Village Green, Ivanhoe Park and Delta Reserve have already been very popular and we want to share some of the highlights from the renewal process and the end result.

Want to know what is due for renewal near you? Check out the Playground Replacement Program 2020/2021 to share your ideas and help us design future playgrounds for our community.

Macleod Village Green

Macleod Village Green is a well-loved playground and with the latest upgrades we can see why.

The new playground design stays true to Macleod’s village feel, featuring timber play equipment for a natural experience. Macleod’s favorite train play area has been reimagined within the new playground with a new train and ticket booth. Flowing out from under the playgrounds large shade sails a nature play area allows children’s imagination to run wild with a ‘potions table’, reading corner and a dry creek bed that even glows in the dark. The playground features a swift parrot sculpture, an endangered species that flies through Macleod each year.

And if that isn’t enough the playground is also home to Victoria’s first outdoor interactive play equipment, the Yalp Memo which is a collection of pedagogical play pillars, each housing a 360° LED touch screen that are programmed with multiple games for users to enjoy that tests spelling and numerical skills, along with memory and agility.

Watch the transformation of Macleod Village Green Playground.

Ivanhoe Park

Ivanhoe Park is a popular destination for Ivanhoe’s local community.

The park boasts multiple new play elements for users of all ages including musical play, spinners, swings and rockers. Running along the park is a huge 25 metre flying fox, which has been a real winner with park users.

The playground is immersed within garden beds, natural boulders and log steppers that provide nature-play for children. Two large slides connect to a huge play unit with monkey bars, climbing ropes and so much more. A large climbing frame challenges more adventurous users to climb to the top and look over the playground and park.

Ivanhoe Park also has a refurbished basketball/netball court, a shelter with BBQ facilities for picnics and plenty of extra seating around the park to meet with friends.

Watch the transformation of Ivanhoe Park Playground.

Delta Reserve

The first of its kind in Banyule, Delta Reserve features a bike education track and playground that is a hit with families and children of all ages.

The bike education track is a fun and safe way for children to learn fundamental road rules and features some interactive elements such as pedestrian crossings, roundabouts and even a petrol station to fill up your bike or scooter.

Connected to the bike track the new playground caters for children of all ages. The playground features a skating cableway, large climbing cube with slide, swings and much more!

Delta Reserve also includes a refurbished basketball/netball court a new shelter and plenty of seating around the park to meet with friends.