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Stage 1 feedback is now closed. We look forward to hearing from you during Stage 2 in early 2024.

Ivanhoe Water Tank Site

The Ivanhoe Water Tank Site is located near the Austin Hospital, on the corner of Bell Street and Upper Heidelberg Road. The existing water tank has not been in use since 2004 and the existing playground needs upgrading.

You may be aware that the Site will be redeveloped by Development Victoria, the Victorian Government's property developer, to provide a residential development and a new Council park.

Approximately 2,000 square meters of the former water tank site has been set aside for the new Council Park. Development Victoria will work with Council, Traditional Owners and the community to bring the park to life.

With the existing playground nearing the end of its life, a unique opportunity exists to design a new park which meets the community’s needs and provides ease of access and connectivity – one of Council’s key open space goals.

About the park

The current park sits between Forster Street and Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe. It contains a small playground that is well used by local families. This park is classified as a local park, as outlined in the open space classifications of our Public Open Space Plan 2016 - 2031.

Local Parks are usually small playgrounds designed to cater for residents living within 400 metres. These playgrounds include one to two items of play equipment for a limited number of age groups. Local Parks are usually only used by residents from nearby streets who would normally access the park by foot or bike.

Engagement stages

17 July - 7 August 2023 - COMPLETE

Community members could influence the look and function of the park at the Ivanhoe Water Tank site by telling us what they wanted to include and how they would use and access the new park.

People could complete an online survey and/or attend one of two pop-up sessions at the existing playground site. Council and Development Victoria staff were available at the pop-ups to talk about the park development.

    Feedback received during Stage 1 is currently being used to draft a concept design for the new park. People will have further opportunity to provide feedback on the park when the Draft Concept Plan is made public during Stage 2 engagement in early 2024.

    Early 2024

    Stage 2 community engagement will take place online and include feedback on the draft concept plan for the public park.

    A draft concept plan for the public park at the Ivanhoe Water Tank site will be made available for public comment during this stage. You'll be invited to complete an online survey and provide any final comments. The feedback we receive during Stage 2 engagement will help us finalise the concept design for the new park.

    As part of a separate process, there will be an opportunity to comment on the draft Development Plan for the adjoining proposed residential development.

    Development Victoria will prepare a Development Plan (DP) for the future residential development at the Ivanhoe Water Tank site. The Development Plan will provide a plan that responds to the objectives and requirements for residential development at the site, which are provided in Schedule 7 (North-west corner of Upper Heidelberg Road and Forster Street, Ivanhoe) to the Development Plan Overlay in the Banyule Planning Schedule.

    The future residential development will be delivered by Development Victoria in close consultation with Council, who has the role of approving the final Development Plan for the site. Council will put a draft Development Plan out for community comment and will consider the feedback received in deciding whether to approve the Development Plan. It is anticipated that the draft Development Plan for the residential development will be available for community comment in early 2024.

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