There has been a lot of discussion about how the North East Link Project may impact Watsonia and what opportunities this might present for the local community.

After successful negotiations with the Victorian Government, we have secured $5.5 million in funding, as part of the North East Link Project, to enhance Watsonia for the benefit of the community and the viability of this important shopping strip.

We know this area will be significantly impacted by construction of North East Link Project, but with all the planned changes and this significant investment, we have the opportunity to create an even better place for people to shop and enjoy.

In 2014 we worked with the local community and stakeholders to create the Picture Watsonia Vision, which described the community’s aspirations for the centre over the next 35 years and detailed several opportunities including the creation of an active and vibrant town square.

Now that we have secured funding to help achieve this vision, it’s time to continue planning for the Watsonia Town Square.

Engagement stages

Help shape the new Watsonia Town Square. There are many ways to get involved. Look out for our community consultation in November 2021.

There are 2 key opportunities for you to get involved.

We will form a Community Reference Group to guide the project through the design process. This group will comprise of key stakeholders, including residents, traders, visitors and community groups.

You will have the opportunity to influence the look and function of the Watsonia Town Square by providing feedback on a number of design options in November 2021.

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Design principals

Guiding principals

The Watsonia Town Square project is in its preliminary stages of design development. The initial stage of consultation with the community reference group has led to the formation of design principals which will guide the development of several concept design options.

  • Traffic and Parking

    Efficient and integrated traffic treatments and parking that reinforces Watsonia's place value.

  • Access

    Ensure pedestrian and cyclist priority, safety and inclusive accessibility and experience for users of all abilities.

  • Economic Growth

    Promote economic growth using unique and innovative designs that encourage increased footfall and patronage of local businesses.

  • Local Identity

    Create a civic and cultural heart that is welcoming and memorable. Highlight and embrace existing sites, strengths and attractions.

  • Amenities

    Provide better and safer amenities that are respected and valued by the community.

  • Flexible Spaces

    Explore opportunities to create additional public spaces and flexible and multi-use areas. Potential integration of monopoles.

  • Community

    Encourage community congregation and activity through further development of Watsonia's local identity and creating innovative spaces.

  • Sustainability

    Enhance and protect surrounding ecology with sustainable practices and greening.

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Community Reference Group

An Expression of Interest process was carried out to recruit community members for the Watsonia Town Square Community Reference Group (WTSCRG).

Fourteen places have been filled, representing a broad cross section of the community.

Membership categories include:

  • Watsonia Traders Association
  • Watsonia RSL
  • Watsonia business person
  • Yarra Plenty Regional Library Service
  • Watsonia Neighbourhood House
  • Local church
  • Local interest group
  • Local property owner
  • Local resident
  • Local young person (under 25 years of age)

The Community Reference Group will meet 4 – 6 times during the year and meetings will be chaired by Cr. Mark Di Pasquale.