About the project

Overlooking the Yarra Valley, Heidelberg has always been a prominent settlement area of Melbourne. From the long period of Aboriginal history to the current population boom, the landscape of the suburb has changed dramatically over time.

With increasing development in the area leading to growth in the population, the change places pressure on existing open spaces which are limited. To help respond to this we have developed a draft Plan that aims to make sure that all residents, workers and visitors to the area can access and enjoy quality public spaces.

The Plan details possible improvements to existing public spaces, looks at better use of existing spaces where access is limited and outlines where future public spaces might be provided.

The importance of public open space

There are many benefits of having access to green and public open spaces. From improving the natural environment to community wellbeing, open spaces are needed to create healthy and liveable cities.

Current research demonstrates that access to open spaces also contributes to social and environmental outcomes. Providing healthy habitat for wildlife and plants and opportunities for people to interact and connect enhances physical and mental health and helps reduce the risk of developing chronic disease.

Draft Heidelberg Public Realm Strategy

The draft strategy sets out six strategic directions to guide how public spaces can be improved over time.


We have made some key open spaces recommendations to improve the existing open spaces in Heidelberg for the community. These recommendations have been highlighted in the draft Heidelberg Public Realm Strategy and take into consideration the key directions.

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Thank you for your comments on the future of the public realm in the Heidelberg Activity Centre. Feedback has now closed. We will use your comments to help us finalise the Draft Heidelberg Activity Centre and Medical Precinct Public Realm Strategy.

Part 1. Draft Strategy

Part 2. You and Heidelberg Public Space

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