Heritage Study

The Heritage Study is an important part of Council’s commitment to protect and conserve places and precincts that contribute to Banyule’s cultural heritage. There are 190 places and precincts already protected by the Heritage Overlay in the Planning Scheme. The Heritage Study aims to identify and assess the heritage value of places that are not yet covered by the Heritage Overlay.

Community nominations for places to be considered as part of this heritage study are now closed. Council received a total of 188 nominations from the local community. Nominations have been referred to heritage consultants for assessment to determine if they meet the threshold required to justify the application of the Heritage Overlay.

The Frequently Asked Questions answer some of the key questions you may have about the current Heritage Study.

Futures updates will be provided here as the study progresses.

Nominating places - Q&A

The heritage overlay is a planning control within the Banyule Planning Scheme that can be applied to places, properties or precincts that are determined to have heritage significance in order to protect, conserve and enhance them.

The heritage overlay does this through the requirement of a planning permit, when changes are proposed. For example, if a property owner wanted to subdivide, demolish a building, or build an addition to a place with a heritage overlay, they would need to apply for a planning permit.

A heritage place can include a site, area, building, group of buildings, structure, archaeological site, tree, garden, geological formation, fossil site, habitat or other place of natural or cultural significance and its associated land.

No, not all places will be of sufficient heritage value to justify protection.

Nominated places will be assessed by an expert heritage consultant to determine if they meet the threshold required to justify the application of the heritage overlay; the threshold is relatively high.

To be considered for inclusion in the heritage overlay, a heritage place or precinct must meet one or more of the following criteria that assess cultural heritage values:

  1. It is important to the course or pattern of Banyule’s cultural history.
  2. It demonstrates rare, uncommon or endangered aspects of Banyule’s cultural heritage.
  3. It has potential to provide information that will contribute to the understanding of Banyule’s cultural history.
  4. It is important in demonstrating the principal characteristics of a class of cultural places.
  5. It is important in exhibiting particular aesthetic characteristics.
  6. It is important in demonstrating a high degree of creative or technological achievement at a particular period.
  7. It has a strong or special association with a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons.
  8. It has a special association with the life or works of a person or group of importance in Banyule’s history.

Further information on heritage criteria is available here.

Note: this information is for state level significance but can be adapted as a guide for local level significance.

We will seek to apply the heritage overlay through a planning scheme amendment to nominated places that meet the heritage threshold (as determined by the expert heritage consultant).

Heritage Overlay process steps


Nominate a heritage place

Place nominations to be considered as part of this heritage study are now closed. Thank you for your contributions.

Nomination form: Heritage Study

Place nominations to be considered as part of this heritage study are now closed. Thank you for your contributions.

If no, please refer to the FAQs above.

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Try to provide as much information as possible including; history and description of the place, architect/designer (if known) supporting documents such as photos or references, and why you believe this place should be considered and assessed for heritage protection.

If you have multiple files, you will need to create a zip file before uploading them.

If you're happy for us to contact you for further information, please leave us your details below:

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The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.


In preparation for the heritage study, a Banyule Thematic Environmental History was prepared and adopted by Council in October 2018.

Heritage themes provide a framework to better understand the historical context of heritage places in Banyule and to assess their significance.

The 12 key themes are:

  1. Aboriginal Country
  2. Settling on the land
  3. Transport and communication
  4. Developing industries
  5. Suburban development
  6. Community and cultural life
  7. Recreation and sport
  8. Parks and gardens and the urban landscape
  9. Defence
  10. The artistic landscape
  11. Public health
  12. Conserving the waterways and bushland

Consider these themes when nominating a heritage place.